Alpspitze winter ascent

Via ferrata Alpspitze

The Alpspitze is located near Garmisch-Partenkirchen and rises to a height of about 2,628 metres. In winter, the mountain is covered with snow and ice, which makes the routes much more challenging.

Klettersteig Alpspitze im Winter

Climbing the Alpspitze in winter promises unforgettable experiences and breathtaking views. The silence and solitude of the winter mountains create a unique atmosphere.

For the entrance to the via ferrata, we use the Alpspitzbahn as a support. During the ascent, there are repeated opportunities to enjoy the view of the Höllental, the Höllentalferner, the Zugspitze and the Waxensteine. The last metres of the ascent lead us directly to the summit cross, from where we now also have a view of the mountains to the south.

In winter, the same path is often used for the descent to the Alpspitzbahn mountain station as was used for the ascent. In good conditions, however, you can also descend via the Ostgrat and Schöngänge.

It is an adventure that climbers will never forget due to the challenging conditions and beautiful surroundings.

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