Eisenzeit in Winter

Eisenzeit in Winter

The "Eisenzeit" climbing tour is a challenging and popular route in Zugspitzland, which is usually done during the warmer seasons. However, the climbing tour can also be a delightful challenge in winter. The winter conditions give the route a completely new dimension.

Zugspitze, Eisenzeit, Winter

The "Eisenzeit" is known for its steep rock faces, overhanging passages and technically difficult climbing sections. In summer, it already requires a high level of fitness and climbing experience. But in winter there are additional challenges that make the tour a real adventure.

The winter environment changes the whole dynamic of the route. Snow and ice cover the rocks and turn the holds and footholds into slippery and often unreliable elements.

The climbing tour starts in the early hours of the morning. The silence of the mountains and the frosty air give the tour a very special atmosphere.

It is important to emphasise that a winter ascent of the Iron Age is more demanding than in summer.

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