Jubigrat in winter! Duration: 2 days


The Jubiläumsgrat is a striking ridge located in the Bavarian Alps. It connects the two peaks Zugspitze (2,962 m) and Alpspitze (2,628 m) and stretches over a length of about 8 km. This spectacular ridge walk is already a popular adventure for experienced mountaineers in the summer months, but in winter it becomes an even more demanding and fascinating challenge.

Zugspitze-Jubiläumsgrat-Winterbegehung Zugspitze-Jubiläumsgrat-Winterbegehung

The winter ascent of the Jubiläumsgrat requires excellent physical condition and experience in dealing with winter alpine conditions.

Spending the night in the bivouac hut is an unforgettable experience! The bivouac hut is a simple shelter in the mountains that offers protection from the extreme weather conditions. It is a small, simple shelter that serves as a resting and sleeping place for mountaineers. The possibility of spending a night in the seclusion of the snowy mountains enhances the sense of adventure and intensity of this challenging undertaking.

The views and scenery along the Jubiläumsgrat in winter are breathtaking. A winter ascent of the Jubiläumsgrat is an unforgettable and fulfilling experience, but it is important that it is approached with respect for the challenges and risks of the alpine environment.

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