Eisenzeit Route to the Zugspitze

Eisenzeit to the Zugspitze

The "Eisenzeit" climbing route is an impressive and varied tour that offers both technical climbing and scenic beauty. Rediscovered by a mountain guide from Werdenfels, it requires a good level of fitness, some experience in alpine terrain and some climbing skills.

Zugspitze über das Gatterl

The starting point of the route is the Riffelriss station, which is best reached by cogwheel railway. From there, a moderate path leads to the start of the route in about 20 minutes. A small path, where we occasionally come across old belay ropes, takes us slightly up and across into the main wall.

On the way we pass various relics from the time of railway construction, such as old iron pins with wooden wedges, rusted ladders and remains of electricity pylons. These testimonies remind us of the hard and dangerous work of the mountain railway builders.

After we have overcome the first highlight, the so-called Harakiri ladder, we reach an old luminous spot at an altitude of 2250 metres. From there it is not far to the tunnel windows.

The further course of the route leads us again in a cross-country tendency, but ascending, over beautiful climbing sections and walking terrain to the last section of the actual Iron Age. After a passage over a scree field, the route climbs up to the ridge once again in wonderful scrambling. From there we have a wonderful view of the Höllentalferner, the Alpspitze and the Jubiläumsgrat.

At the top of the ridge we can enjoy the "solitude" and tranquillity before descending the last 50 metres by abseil to the Höllentalklettersteig. From there we reach the summit of the Zugspitze in about an hour.

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